Atbash is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a Discord server. Inspired by games like Her Story and Return of the Obra Dinn, Atbash sends you on a quest to retrace the events of an illegal Playstation account sale gone sideways and uncover the identities of three criminals in order to bring them to justice.

"Hello! I go by Atbash or Antenym.

A few months ago, my Steam account was stolen and sold. I tracked down the thieves, a group who call themselves the Ring Company, and joined their Discord channel. I pretended to be a buyer looking for the Playstation account Atbash (which I already owned), and offered to pay them to steal it. 

I have evidence in the form of their Discord that the Ring steals and sells accounts. Now I need outside help to determine the identities of the Ring members so that I can take my evidence to the police.

My bot will explain how you can help once you join the Discord server.

- Atbash/Antenym"


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What is this ffs :)

I just don't know these days ,fake news ,real game ,not a game ? who knows. :P

It's a game. I was going for an ARG style game, but I guess that combined with the nontraditional platform made the page kinda hard to understand. 

I added another paragraph to (partially) explain what Atbash is, hope that helps.